Monday, April 18, 2016

Doris Roberts, Sitcom Legend, Is Dead at 90

Fell for Doris Roberts when she played Donna Pescow's overbearing mother on the underrated '70s sitcom "Angiie" and the love just grew. You will be missed, funny lady. Read HERE.

Intros HERE.


Bart Kasper said...

Before "Raymond", she was Theresa Falco, mom to Donna Pescow & Debralee Scott - a show that should have lasted more than 2 seasons!!

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Isn't that what I said?

Jerry Lambert said...

Im 45, I don't know what year Angie came out but I remember liking the show and watching it. I always had a thing for Robert Hays, even though I didnt get it at the time. Also loved Doris Roberts in Remington Steele. But by that time I had figured out why I had special feelings about Pierce Brosnan.

stoney8 said...

God I Love 70's!! I wish there was a "Disney World" Version of the 1970's where we can visit and relive what was going on. TV shows had Great memorable theme songs. Love everything about the '70's PS RIP Doris Roberts.

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