Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Way I Want to Bore You

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Well, talk about a page-turner. In her tell-all memoir, Toni Tennille reveals that she and the Captain once tried the "grapefruit diet" in the '70s; one of her fingers is a tad wonky (it was "almost" amputated, but wasn't); the Captain has big eyes so wears sunglasses to hide them; and she still has a stuffed muskrat a fan gave her to celebrate the duo's hit "Muskrat" Love." Sure hope I can get this one overnighted!


The Polar Beast said...

Kenneith, When you're done reading it, can I borrow your copy? ;-)

Dave in Texas said...

I thought they divorced and she came out?

Austin Hayes said...

Kenneth, I respect your opinion and truly love your blog! In fact, I check it out on almost a daily basis. For those that are not aware, your title caption is a pun from her hit song from 1975 "The Way I Want To Touch You." However, please give Toni's memoir a fair chance. I've been a huge fan of hers for over 40 years and believe this will be a good read. I am sure you are also a big fan as well. I don't think she wants to reveal everything in her 'People Magazine' interview. Yes, it might not have drugs and extra marital affairs, but it will reveal other things in a dysfunctional marriage/relationship.

In closing, 'Kenneth in the (212) is awesome'! By the way... You ROCK too!

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Austin: You're right. Please know that I have LOVED Toni since elementary school -- I even had her haircut!

I probably should have made fun of the publication that wrote the article claiming these were highlights, but it was pretty funny :-)

TomF said...

It's hard for me to think this will be up to the gold standard that is Carly Simon's Boys in the Trees. But I am a Toni fan too, so I'm hopeful. I think there will be a lot about how things weren't as golden sunshine as they appeared on the surface all those years. The whole "coming out" thing was never substantiated that I ever saw...I doubt it will be here, or they would be pushing it as a major selling point.

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