Friday, March 11, 2016

Online Petition Urges Philly Judge to Deny Sentence Reduction for Kathryn Knott

This homophobic bitch didn't show her victims any mercy so why should the justice system show her any? Her father's a police chief -- and she was already acquitted of the most serious charge -- so who better to make an example of?  Sign HERE.

Her henchmen, Kevin Harrigan and Philip Williams, pleaded guilty to assault and conspiracy charges for the 2014 attack and as a result received no jail time. Kathryn Knott accepted no responsibility for her actions, rejected the deal (with no jail time) and went to trial. She was found guilty of misdemeanor assault and sentenced to 5-10 months in jail. I see no reason why she shouldn't be required to serve the time she received. 


northalabama said...

she was offered a plea without jail time, but insisted on a trial, confident she could lie convincingly under oath, and persuade the judge and jury to ignore her blatant bigotry and lack of compassion.

she rolled the dice and lost - let her serve the full sentence (signed).

Mike in Asheville said...


satellite attendant said...

the other two should have spent time in jail as well. I'm not sure how they managed to get out of this.

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