Wednesday, March 16, 2016

For Nora Ephron, 'Everything Is Copy'

Nora Ephron's gay son, Jacob Bernstein, wrote and directed a film about his late mother and it sounds perfect:
“I don’t think she would be upset by the endeavor or the idea that I would pursue something so personal about her and reveal it to the world,” Bernstein, 37, said on the red carpet. “She did certainly do a lot of this herself. She was a person who wrote about the indignities of aging, her physical imperfections and intimate details about the breakup of her marriage to my father, and that was all risky for her. That’s what the film is about. Everything is sort of fair game. When someone like her has this enormous life, you’re sort of wasting an experience if you don’t use it. She would have felt the same way. She believed that being a writer meant turning the bad things that happen to you into comedy. Everything is copy to her.”
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"Everything Is Copy' debuts on HBO on March 21 at 9 p.m.

The filmmaker at the premiere with his father, Carl Bernstein, of Woodward and Bernstein fame

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