Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Frank Sinatra Jr. Is Dead at 72

Just saw Nancy Sinatra posted about the death of her younger brother, who was a decade younger than their famous father was at the time of his death. I have a vivid recollection of my mother -- probably apropos of nothing -- flying off the handle one day when I was a kid talking about what "talentless hacks" Nancy and Frank Jr. were -- "Their father spent all the money in the world to try to turn them into stars but it was hopeless " -- which is probably why many believed the younger Frank's kidnapping at age 19 was a publicity stunt. Turns out it wasn't, but it did little to help Junior's career, which is probably why I cannot name a single song or acting gig of his. (Nancy's "Boots," however, is not the work of a "hack," Molly!) No matter -- condolences to his loved ones. Growing up in that shadow couldn't have been easy. 


Bob K said...

Junior was a competent, if not exciting band leader and singer. He didn't get the voice or the star quality -- but let's remember that his father had one of the few best voices of the entire century. My observation is that it's very unlucky for somebody to be a junior when he doesn't have the same qualities as his father. Also when Jr was little the father's career went to hell then he left the family for Ava Gardner who mopped up the floor with him. This had to have affected the kid.

Doufam said...

He did an amazing song with Was (not Was) about the sadness that Vegas hides that his voice was perfect for. It's called "Wedding Vows in Vegas"

Anonymous Nancy said...

don't throw shade at nancy sinatra. her coolness has always been independent of her father and her catalog is pretty impressive - ending with that cover album where she collaborated with the likes of morrissey, jarvis cocker, calexico and more.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Anonymous Nancy; I'm pretty sure I defended her!

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