Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Father of Oakland County Child Killer Victim Starts Social-Media Campaign to Kickstart Investigation

For those of you familiar with the Oakland County Child Killer case that haunted my childhood, wanted to bring to your attention a blog and other social media outlets started by Barry King, whose son Timothy was the last victim. Called A Father's Story, the blog is HERE, the Facebook page is HERE and the Twitter feed is HERE. (I'm even learning from this effort -- did you know cops actually believed a dark-colored Pontiac LeMans was involved in the crimes, not a blue Gremlin, yet never seemed to follow up on this?) Mr. King's wish before he leaves the planet is for someone to be held accountable for these heinous crimes. Please spread the word -- someone has got to know something. 

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Tom W in SF said...

I lived in Macomb County through this nightmare. What about that guy a few years ago who was writing a book about this? Its amazing that this has gone on for so long. The book "Sheep in Wolf's Clothing" was terrible. This story surfaces every few years. So sad.

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