Tuesday, February 23, 2016

More Changes on Chelsea's 8th Avenue

My friend Greg made a joke last week that the neighborhood had gentrified while I was in San Francisco (for a week!) with the re-opening of Barney's. But then I returned and discoverd not one, but EIGHT  updates! Above, we see a new sign on the deli that moved in where Splosh used to be. (

I was wrong when I reported the death of Silom Thai. As promised, they have reopened, at least for now, as Thai Sliders(!).

The former home of Mare and (later) Tello's is now Temerario, a Mexican street food joint.

Around the corner, the former Tello's (and later second-generation) Trois Canards is now a little coffee place called Cafe Tamba ...

which also serves Matcha ... 

The original Spice on 8th Avenue is now closed -- the one at 22/8 is still there -- but I'm not entirely sure they understand what they're saying in this note:

See you at the next private party?!

And hot of the heels of The Starting Line going under, the drag's last super-gay clothing store -- Efor -- is also shuttering. (Longtime residents will recall this is the former home of Lightforms.)

Next door, Express Your Inner Thai -- which never made any sense as it was a less appealing Thai replacement to Room Service -- closed while I was away, too. (Longtime residents will recall this was the former La Chinita Chinese/Cuban place I loved.)

And around the corner on 18th, Amarino gelato is still there. But the office space they had rented -- which used to be an adorable barber shop -- has gone back on the market, which tells me they're not making as much money as they thought they would be. 

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