Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Yelp Employee Writes Open Letter to CEO About SF Cost of Living

In her letter, Talia Jane, 25, told Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman that her job in customer support earned her $8.15 an hour after taxes, and $733.34 bi-weekly – of which 80 percent goes to paying rent. Jane said her apartment, transportation to work from Concord, and utilities leave her with little or no money to buy food or heat her apartment. (She lives on rice and doesn't turn on her heat.) Jane's superiors responded by giving her a really bad Yelp review and now zero percent of her pay goes toward rent -- she was fired. Stoppelman, who has used his considerable wealth to help the homeless, said her termination was completely unrelated, yet Jane says HR told her she was fired because the letter violated the company's code of conduct. (Huh?)

Read HERE. It's pretty harrowing stuff, although I must confess I would have been A LOT more sympathetic if she hadn't started out bitching about having to pay her dues for "an entire year" -- emphasis hers.

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