Monday, February 01, 2016

A History of Irish Surnames: Is Yours Here?

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It always surprises me when people don't realize Walsh is an Irish name -- it's ranked No. 4 in popularity for as long as my dad can remember. But it was fun to learn that our paternal grandmother's name, Ryan, is also Top 10 material! See if you rank HERE.

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Bob K said...

Well, in my former LA life in a group, I knew Kate Walsh and Ryan Murphy's husband, David. Does that make me Irish or just Queerish?

-- and David is an almost perfect doppelganger to Kevin Bacon. Since I also knew Kyra Sedgwick from that group, does that make me one degree from Irish Bacon?

-- and Hell, in that same group was Tracee Ellis Ross. Now am I Blackish?

I am glad for your Irishness, but will settle for my German/Portuguese odd combo, because it is what I have. Our coat of arms is still in the shop.

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