Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Texas Grand Jury Indicts Trooper in Sandra Bland Case for Perjury

Wow, I can't tell you how surprised -- and pleased -- I am that the trooper who pulled Sandra Bland over and then abused her just because he could has been charged with something. There's no way of pinning a suicide on someone, but there's no question she would not have been in that jail cell where her life ended if not for this man's ego and temperament, neither of which is suited for law enforcement. Not sure if it's because she's a woman or if it was because I was able to watch the video in its entirety, but for some reason I found this one -- and there have been many -- more upsetting than all the rest, including ones that depicted actual homicides. You could just see things unravel before your eyes, and then knowing she would end up alone and dead was heartbreaking. RIP, Ms. Bland, knowing that what happened to you did not go unnoticed, and perhaps it won't happen again at this man's hands.

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