Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Diss Me, Cait?

No one finds Caitlyn Jenner's tone-deaf brand of conservatism more disheartening than me, yet I feel she has been unfairly maligned by so many LGBT people who seem to DESPISE her so much. Perhaps it's my pop culture bubble -- I've never seen or read about the Kardashians, so feel no connection between the two -- but I just think of that handsome young jock I grew up lusting over going through an enormously brave and scary journey for all of us to watch and feel nothing but compassion. Is Caitlyn's journey easier and completely unrepresentative of what most transgender people go through? Of course it is. But it's so unfair to dismiss someone for being rich and famous and trans when we readily follow -- and sometimes worship -- other rich and famous people all the time, through their highs and lows. I know I'm not going to change any minds here, but despite her many flaws, I can't help but respect anyone who decides to become a 65-year-old woman in a highly ageist and misogynistic society like ours -- especially one with an open heart who is trying to learn and trying to make the world a better place. Cait doesn't need my support, but she's got it. Read Matthew Breen's Advocate cover story HERE.


Nickofnight said...

The vitriolic backlash towards her is insane. Apparently she should have renounced all wealth and fame before daring to take her own journey. It is totally bizarre.

Dwight Williamson said...

He made me horny too! But, aside from that he wants to get his picture taken in pretty clothes a lot. My mother, a very liberal white woman, would like proof that he even had his penis physically removed.She says he was never this much of a dick before the trans-formation. Just saying?????

das buut said...

I am only saddened that she hasn't learned a little faster. I don't blame her for her politics and taking the slow route. It's my failing for being naive for hoping that it wouldn't take this long for her to learn. I knew it would, but, I'm still an optimist. Damn my optimistic insides.

I still like and respect her for her journey. Bitches will always be bitches, they can say what they want.

Fit Studs said...

That photo of her is rockin'! :)
And hey, at least she's trying to do something for the community.

SFRowGuy said...

I'm with you Kenneth about "handsome young jock I grew up lusting over"... I remember that was one of the few Olympic event years that I followed intensely, and him specifically (even with that doopy hair cut). To hear from her after all these years (if true) that she was in so much turmoil even back then, I can't imagine. While 'easier' is debatable, hers must have been the most visible transition, and that cannot be easy. Having your life so public, must be hard to know how much emotions/feelings/thoughts you should show to others -- either intentionally or unintentionally. Talk about walking on 'egg-shells'.

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