Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Pecs Appeal

It seems Russell Tovey's chest stars in the Broadway revival of "A View From the Bridge." 

Choire Sicha caught up with the "Looking" star and says:
Mr. Tovey has a rare, nearly psychotic magnetism. He could be a gay Hitler or Manson, should the opportunity arise, and, unlike Julianne Moore, he may not be able to shut it off at will. 
Read on HERE.

My guy, Damian, had a close encounter of the retail kind, but got no sinister vibe whatsoever ...


Blobby said...


Oogler said...

Saw A View from the Bridge over the holidays; man, his torso is a sight to behold!

Unknown said...

He doesn't take of his shirt until nearly the end and it is all you can think about until he does. It is distracting!