Saturday, January 09, 2016

Alleged 'Hipster Terrorist' Arrested

Talk about a double life: Police say 23-year-old Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab -- an Iraqi refugee living in Sacramento who poses for social media with perfectly coiffed hair, hipster duds and brand-name shades -- is being held in California, accused of traveling to Syria to fight for the terrorist organization ISIS. I'm guessing they caught him via Scruff.


das buut said...

They won't be satisfied until there's a purge, will they? People keep saying 'we shouldn't be over there, fighting and killing them', but this doesn't stop it. We interfere (most muslim countries), they attack. We don't interfere (saudi arabia), they attack.

Ban all religious practice and public religious expressions and we might get some form of sanity restored. There will still be the assholes and fanatics, but they won't be hidden behind a cross, blue star, or crescent moon, the majikul symbols that society seems to blind themselves to.

Andy Zeffer said...

So handsome, and still he wishes to destroy.

Sad. Pathological. Tiresome.

northalabama said...

damn! he has to be the hottest, best looking criminal i've ever seen!

he'll have no troubles finding a date in prison...

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