Friday, January 08, 2016

Momofuku Nishi Comes to Chelsea's 8th Avenue

Wow, did not see this coming. The corner of 19th and 8th -- former home of Nisos and before that Sam Chinita -- has been "about to be unveiled" for ages. But today comes news of the new Momofuku Nishi, only it's opening on 8th between 21st and 22nd, in the former home of M Thai (previously the legendary gay bar called The Break). Another Asian restaurant isn't really what the neighborhood needs -- M Thai actually moved just a block south, there are two Spice Thai restaurants within a stone's throw and the poor Royal Siam is still trying to stay afloat just up the street -- but at least it's not another abandoned storefront. Nishi is supposedly a Korean-Italian fusion, whatever that means. Read all about it HERE.


And if anyone can tell me what IS going on in the old Nisos, please email me HERE

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Shy Boy said...

Kim-chee lasagna?

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