Saturday, January 09, 2016

Rescued Purple Kitty Used as a ‘Dog's Chew Toy’ Befriends Blind Shelter Cat

If there's ever been a more heartwarming pet story, I haven't seen it. Sweet little Smurf endured a lifetime of abuse -- and a bad dye job -- yet the only thing he wants to do now that he's been taken in by a rescue shelter is take care of his little blind roommate, Wanda. Whoever abused this little guy deserves to die painfully.

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Steve said...

I've been following this story locally now for a week or so. In the beginning a truly heart wrenching story (whoever did that should be dyed blue themselves and munched on) but it's so wonderful to read how amazing the story of these two babies is developing. Hopefully both will have long, happy lives.

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