Monday, November 16, 2015

Talking Tina

I've still never seen Tina Fey in anything I thought was funny, but her first movie screenplay and memoir were both HILARIOUS.

The Advocate has a fun interview with her, which thankfully mentions both.
The Advocate: What did gay men quote at brunch before Mean Girls
Tina Fey: I don’t know, but I hope that’s still going on. I have a really weird marketing point in my deal that I don’t get any money when it shows on TBS, but I do get money when it’s quoted at brunch.  
Did you anticipate that it would become such a gay classic? 
I didn’t, but Damian, the gay character, was in every draft. Someone once asked me, “How come everyone’s sort of paired off at the end but we don’t see what happens to Damian?” I said, “Because it’s a movie about girls.” We should’ve made another movie about Damian.  
Your book, Bossypants, details the “four-year-long pride parade” that marched through your house during high school. How did having so many gay and lesbian friends during your formative years make you who you are today? 
I’m certainly more open-minded to people’s differences, and it definitely gave me a wider swath of humor styles. I grew up so much in theater, so the gay community has always been a natural part of who I feel like I’m playing to. When you’re writing jokes, you’re always thinking of your friends.
Read the whole thing HERE.

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