Monday, November 16, 2015

Charlie Sheen Reportedly Set to Announce He Is HIV Positive

It seems obvious now, but he never entered my mind as being an A-lister since I haven't seen him in anything since "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." 

To people who say, "And we care because ...?" I say this:
Because he's the most high-profile person to have the virus since Magic Johnson -- and it if handled properly could shine a huge light on the advances in treatment.
 A friend and former GLAAD president notes: 
I hope NBC News has been educated by now about Truvada and the impossibility of undetectable viral load transmission so that tomorrow's story about Charlie Sheen (if true) is from 2015 and not 1995. Stories like this are why we need media advocacy organizations.  

Read HERE.

UPDATE: I said that if this was handled correctly it could be very educational. Sadly, it seems Sheen has gone to the Magic Johnson School of Medicine, and is already walking around basically telling the world he's been "cured."


Michael Diamond said...

well, it explains his dementia.

northalabama said...

this is nothing more than public shaming of an actor using click bait aggrandizement.

the original story described hollywood as "gripped with fear". really? los angeles has one of the highest rates of new hiv infections in the country, over a million americans are hiv+, and 1 in 7 don't even know they're infected. los angeles is suddenly "gripped with fear"? stupid, stupid hyperbole.

Blobby said...

With all the strippers, hooker and drugs, wouldn't the bigger surprise be if he weren't HIV +?

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