Monday, November 16, 2015

Streaming (Is Free)

I'll admit that I often don't even watch the viral videos I post. I don't have ADHT, but I find most of them tedious, no matter how concise. But this one about music streaming is completely sublime. Although I disagree with everything the creator believes, it's such a brilliant parody of a brilliant Blondie song that I could not resist its charms!

I’ve been a professional musician and songwriter for over 40 years. I live and breathe music. I also own thousands of albums and CD’s … but they sit in my closet because…

I prefer to STREAM MUSIC!!!!

I know that the drop in physical record sales has financially hurt many of my fellow musicians. I feel for them but as the music business evolves there will be winner and losers. I believe streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Red will eventually have a hundred million subscribers worldwide … then more money will flow.

I also understand that fidelity is an issue. Every musician I know works hard to make the best sounding music possible but I also know that most people listen to mp3’s on cheap ear buds negating a good portion of their efforts.

The point is convenience trumps everything and we are never going back to what once was … I don’t own a typewriter, I don’t have a landline phone, I don’t have cable TV, and I don’t mail letters. I shop online, I pay my bills online, I read the newspaper online, I communicate with my friends and family online…. and every song that I ever want to hear is available online … instantly.

I love my vinyl but when I want to listen to music…. I stream. Andy Shernoff

- Thanks to Chris Stein, who may not share my feelings about streaming but allowed me to have fun with his song,
- Tricia Scotti for the wonderful vocal
- Carla Rhodes for the concept and Chris Manley for the video.

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