Thursday, November 19, 2015

GQ Declares Tom Brady the 'Greatest Quarterback of All Time'

  Don't know enough about football to know if Mr. Bündchen is the greatest quarterback of all time, but he's certainly one of the best-looking, even if his politics/personality/persona leave much else to be desired. Read HERE.


Mike in Asheville said...

I remember during last year's Super Bowl various roundups a Quarterback GOAT story where Terry Bradshaw was asked the question as, at the time, only he and Joe Montana had won 4. Without hesitation, Bradshaw stated that he was no Joe Montana, and that Tom Brady, win or loose, wasn't one either. In Bradshaw's opinion, Montana is the GOAT.

I'm not saying Bradshaw is right (or wrong) but that GQ's opinion is a pretty low gauge. Now, hottest of the GOAT group, Brady certainly tops in their days Bradshaw and Montana.

Blobby said...

normally, I do NOT see this man's appeal, but the lighting on the cover of his butt chin makes him look not so bad.

Jeffery said...

With or without cheating?

northalabama said...

character is an important consideration when claiming goat. did anyone watch his feeble attempts at lying his way through the ballgahzi press conference? over what amounted to very little? the attempted cover-up is usually worse than the actual behavior, mr. brady still has work to do restoring his reputation.

one consolation, his performance was so thinly veiled i can't imagine he's an experienced liar. beautiful people are so used to having the world placed at their feet, any challenge must be shocking.

The Brady Bunch family said...

I'M fan of Thomas Brady and I wish him the very best now and in the future

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