Friday, November 20, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner Shares Powerful Anti-Hate Message: 'No One Should BeKilled' for Being Transgender

Appreciate the effort on National Transgender Day of Remembrance, but I might need some citations to support that "powerful" message. I don't know, maybe when you're a Republican not being killed IS a lot to ask for. Watch HERE.

A candlelight march will happen tonight in L.A. Details HERE.

The Trans Murder That Started a Movement 

When Rita Hester was murdered 17 years ago, the LGBT community promised not to let her die in vain. Read HERE.


Mike in Asheville said...

And yet Kapo Jenner supports those fucktard Rupugnantans who deny transsexuals the right to be who they are. Certainly Caitlyn has the right to be who she is and to believe what she does, but that is no excuse for being a dumb cunt Kapo and all the PSAs pleading for transsexual rights cannot right that wrong. Fucking dumb cunt!

Mike in Asheville said...

Kenneth, thanks for letting me vent. I have the highest regard for transsexuals, the pains they must endure and the strengths to be themselves is truly of the highest forms of humanity. I don't knock Jenner for being a "Joanie Come Lately" as each of us have our own journeys and each is duly our right to our happiness.

That Jenner does not recognize her duplicity in causing continued harms to her fellow transsexuals and to all those denied their rights to be themselves is, simply, mind-boggling to me. She speaks volumes that she should be free to be herself, yet, is comfortable supporting those who profit from denying those very same rights to others. Hence, she is a dumb fucking cunt Kapo extraordinaire.

Shy Boy said...

Good. Now how about she stops supporting the very politicians who promote this kind of hate?