Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Smack in the Face

If a loved one’s lip smacking bothers you, you need to learn to cope, therapists say; Don’t try to change a chewer 

This column about misophonia is probably right -- you can't change the offenders, you have to adapt -- but I still stand by my notion that misophonia wouldn't be a problem if people just acted like adults.

Best line:
Chester Goad hates the sound of ice and chip crunching so much that he sometimes leaves the room when his family is eating and tells them to text him when they are done. He has also thrown bags of chips away when no one is looking.


dishy said...


das buut said...

The problem isn't me most of the time, it is the rude pig slurping and lip smacking that needs to be out in the yard with a trough. The potato chip thing drives me fucking insane, and isn't the chewer's fault unless they are excessively crunching the damn things. My mother would crunch a fucking bag of air.

I will kill people who chew ice. It's bad for your teeth and there is no benefit at all to chew ice. You are a dreg and must be eliminated.

Yes, this bothers me severely. Why do you ask?

Me So Annoyed said...

right, and I suppose you also think it's my problem if it bothers me to watch someone eat who never learned to use utensils like an adult but instead continues to wield them like a child with no manual dexterity.

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