Friday, October 09, 2015

Jesse's Girls

As someone willing to admit to seeing "Swimfan" in the theater when it came out, I have no problem saying this "Bring It On" reunion in Entertainment Weekly makes me smile! (His tighty-whities made my 2007 photo roundup of stars in their UNDERWEAR.)

P.S. The issue is chock full of goodies, including the Keatons! Read HERE.

And here's "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" clan!

Read HERE.


breaststroker said...

I also saw Swimfan at a movie theatre!!! Jessie has a nice tight bod and mad cute!

Timmy said...

Jesse has always been hot. He's another one who gets hotter as he matures.

Peter Maria said...

Where were Nell Campbell and Richard O'Brien? I know Peter Hinton has disowned the film, but that reunion is poorly attended without Columbia and Riff Raff.

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