Friday, August 14, 2015

Make Room for 'Daddy'

The film adaptation of Dan Via's play "Daddy" is set to premiere at the Montreal Film Festival, with leading man Gerald McCullouch also directing. Have a look:

Colin McCormack thinks he has it all — a great job, a steady stream of hot younger guys, and a best friend whose devotion he takes for granted. But when a charming and mercurial intern sweeps him off his feet, Colin sees a chance for something more: A family of his own. What he discovers instead is a shattering secret that may cost Colin everything — and everyone — he holds dear.
More info HERE.


Blobby said...

Gerald McCullouch is a handsome man, but I had to laugh at 'Parks & Recreation's Perd Hapley in that clip.

S said...

60-something daddy who has teens throwing themselves at him.

Sort of like a twist on the Anna Nicole Smith story. Sweet.