Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Love and Love for Chrissie Evert

I've noticed Serena Williams is finally cashing in on her superstardom, popping up in ads for just about everything. Reminds me of the Golden Era of tennis, when John Newcombe and Tracy Austin hawked Canon cameras, and Chris Evert (Lloyd) sold her signature racket for Wilson and pulled a Patty Duke for Lipton Iced Tea (above) ... now with Equal!

1976 Wilson Chris Evert Autograph commercial

1984 Lipton Iced Tea commercial, one of several spots she did for the brand

Earlier in her career, the Ice Maiden hawketh Astringent Shampoo.

And in 1979, Mrs. Lloyd did a very British commercial for Bovril, a "thick and salty meat extract paste similar to a yeast extract" that she sneaks into fine-dining establishments.

In 1982, Chris endorsed Band-Aid brand bandages.

And there were those Converse ads, with and without ex boyfriend Jimmy Connors

Ads from 1978 and 1986

Pimping Matrix Essentials with her finest "aunt hair"

Watch a 1984 commercial

The hair in this Cirrus bank ad looks very 1985 

In 1989, she poked fun at her imminent retirement in this ad for Diet Coke ...

And in the early 1990s, the pair did a commercial for Nuprin. (Do they even make that anymore?!)

In 1993, Chris did her best Joan Lunden impersonation for Matrix Essentials 

Decades later, Evert is still America's Sweetheart, as the face of her new Chrissie by Tail clothing line. Click HERE. Receive $25 Gift Card today with any purchase from Chrissie by Tail line - PromoCode: CHRISSIE25

And can you even imagine a USTA commercial now????

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