Thursday, May 21, 2015

Duggar Son Allegedly Admitting to Molesting Girls -- Including 4 of His Sisters

5 Victims and Counting

I don't care what stupid things reality stars do to get attention. But when they turn their fame into a career vilifying LGBT people -- as Josh Duggar of "19 and Counting" and FRC Action fame has -- AND turn out to be doing the very thing they are accusing us of doing -- 'cause you know, we're all pedophiles -- that's another story. Bear in mind, I DON'T think 14-year-old boys who sexually act out inappropriately should be permanently condemned. But his own family didn't even get him counseling -- Dad had a friend-of-the-family state trooper give Josh a "stern" talking to, but it was never officially reported and (get this) the state trooper is in prison today for possession of child pornograpy -- and now he's CONDEMNING US for living our lives? It's beyond the pale. (Get this: Oprah was the only one who knew this should involve the police!) Read HERE.


Read HERE.

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Anonymous said...

BOYCOTT TLC. Josg Duggar is a product of inbreeding. A perfect example of bad breeder genes.Of course,now that his vile disgusting past has been exposed he can't be prosecuted and he has RUINED 56 young girl's lives. His parents aided and abetted in covering up his CRIMES. Michelle & Jim Bob NEED to be prosecuted . But that's too much to expect for an ass backwards hillbilly state like Arkansas. They're all disgusting hypocrites. And Josh Duggar is still molesting kids- maybe his own. Pedophiles only stop when behind bars. That is a FACT. And that douche bag Mike Huckabee just re-named himself the child molester supporter. Nice.