Thursday, May 28, 2015

Down-Low Lawyer's Killer Pleads Guilty, as Does Her Gal Pal

The Daily Mail reports that Jamyra Gallmon, 21 (bottom left), and her girlfriend, Dominique Johnson, 19 (bottom right), pleaded guilty to charges in the murder of David Messerschmitt (top left with his wife), who was killed in the Donovan hotel in Washington, D.C., in February. The married lawyer had gone there after Gallmon responded to his Craigslist ad soliciting for gay sex. She pretended to be a man, with the intention of robbing him. On Thursday, Gallmon pleaded guilty to second-degree murder while armed. Johnson pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery connected to murder. The Washington Post reports that by accepting the guilty plea, prosecutors ensured that details of Messerschmitt's life would be kept confidential. Prosecutors also agreed not to add any additional charges to Gallmon and Johnson. While not a part of the murder, Fulton said Johnson “knew of the deceitful email correspondence” with Messerschmitt.The women will be sentenced in August.

Well, at least his family was spared a trial. Disheartening to learn that the killer turned out to be a lesbian -- and that her partner was also implicated in the heinous crime.

Read WaPo's full (gruesome) story HERE.

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