Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tales From the Shitty

UPDATE: So on top of everything else, it turns our Ian Reisner -- who always struck as the worse of the two -- DID make a campaign donation TO Ted Cruz. The excuses are flying -- blah, blah, blah Israel -- but the guy's total scum.

Boy Culture isn't a fan of Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass and neither is the legendary Armistead Maupin. I'm not a beach person, but from what some of my friends say, Fire Island was hopping this past weekend -- and it wasn't even warm out. Only time will tell if all this well-deserved negative publicity will have an effect on either of them. From what I've read, though, Reisner (at least) appears to be basking in the "spotlight." The general public only seems to have so much energy for boycotts and outrage. For my money, I'd like to see us rally to run Ken Mehlman out of the country. He's the one who really sticks in my craw.


Mike said...

#2 gay man whose never been to Fire Island.

das buut said...

Well, for every person of conscious, there are ten little twits who think a party is a party is a party. Gertrude Stein was a Nazi Collaborator.

Matthew Rettenmund said...

You should read more about Reisner and Weiderpass. They're terrible guys. And coincidentally, Mehlman is one of Reisner's very close pals. I agree with you on Mehlman. As for a boycott, it shouldn't only be about whether every person is convinced to boycott so much as it's about, for me, refusing to patronize (not hard, I never go) or support their businesses just because ICK. I don't want to help them in any way. If mindless, shallow people are more concerned about fun in the sun, that's on them.