Tuesday, May 26, 2015

CHiPs Gets Roller Disco Fever -- UPDATE

All the girls at Page Middle School had Erik Estrada folders, but I only had eyes for Larry Wilcox.

UPDATE: I swear I posted this with no knowledge of a film reboot!
The big-screen version has already enlisted Dax Shepard and Michael Pena as beloved officers Jon Baker, played by Larry Wilcox, and Erik Estrada’s Frank Poncherello, respectively.


Unknown said...

Peña is totally miscast in that movie (just because he is Hispanic does not mean he can fill the boots or suave of Estrada). On a side note, his membership fees to the "church" of Scientology seems to have paid off with this role and his horribly miscast role of the dad in the underrated (and unnecessary) Gracepoint, the American remake of of Broadchurch.

das buut said...

Ugh, can we get some Plan B for the remake?

On a side note, I miss the old Sunday Night spectaculars and Saturday night specials, the movie of the week, murder mysteries, the formerly popular star-studded special episodes. Back when a television show was longer than a sneeze cut with commercials, covered in scrollovers, station tags, and content warnings.

Peter Brendan said...

CHiPs is one of my great guily pleasures. Larry W was hotter than Erik E. Watch an episode. The outrageously tight clothing and nonchalant butt shots are amazing. Plus seeing all those 60's-70's-80's cars, which all looked unique, not like cars today, is well worth it. Hey, thanks Kenneth for your groovy blog!

Steve said...

I agree with you Kenneth, it was all about Larry Wilcox. Never got into 'Ponch', although it seems everyone else did. But I was all about 'Jon'.


eadsfreak said...

I love Larry Wilcox. He was my fantasy for a long time!!

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