Thursday, March 12, 2015

Strange Love

Sounds like a fitting ending for a one-of-a-kind man:

Via The Telegraph:
Steve Strange, the New Romantic star, was given a flamboyant send-off as some of pop's biggest stars said a tearful goodbye to the late Visage singer. Boy George as well as brothers Martin and Gary Kemp, of Spandau Ballet, were pallbearers carrying Strange's colourful coffin into All Saints Church, in Porthcawl, South Wales. The cortege was led to a packed service by a marching jazz band wearing maroon and navy suits before Visage's biggest hit "Fade to Grey" boomed out of a PA system. There was a mixture of sadness and celebration as family, friends and fans recalled the life and times of the 55-year-old who died of a heart attack last month while on holiday in Egypt. 
The Welsh singer--whose real name was Stephen John Harrington--found fame in the 1980s as frontman for Visage. Spandau Ballet saxophone player Steve Norman gave a eulogy recalling how Strange took him and Martin Kemp under his wing during the 1970s. 
"We did not have any money back then, and Steve would always pay for our drinks and whatever we wanted," he said. "He was a generous and caring human being with a massive heart. "A lot of great stuff has been said about Steve since his passing - about how he shaped the 1980s - and it is very much deserved. I just wish a few more people had told that to him when he was around ... he was a sensitive soul who needed that affirmation from people."

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