Thursday, March 12, 2015

Debbie Harry's Biggest Regret Is Turning Down the Role of Pris in 'Blade Runner'

Just got pointed to this 2014 article in The Daily Mail -- with news I'd never heard before. Might Debbie have been a true movie star?
Worse was to come. In late 1982, during a Blondie tour to promote their sixth album, "The Hunter," Stein collapsed after a show and was rushed into hospital. He was eventually diagnosed with pemphigus vulgaris, an autoimmune disease. He was in hospital for months and didn’t fully recover for four years. During that time he was faithfully nursed by Harry, who also found time to explore a sporadically successful solo career and take on film roles.  
"People made a big deal out of the fact I took care of Chris when he was ill. But I was doing what anyone would do for someone they loved. It was a tough time generally. I made a few bad decisions around that time. My biggest regret of all is turning down the role of the blonde robot Pris in Ridley Scott’s 'Blade Runner.' The part eventually went to Daryl Hannah. My record company didn’t want me to take time out to do a movie. I shouldn’t have listened to them."

I never thought Debbie was a great actress, but she always showed potential. Can't help but wonder if with the right breaks she might have gotten even better. I know she auditioned for the Lauren Hutton role in "American Gigolo" but didn't get it. Her performances in "Union City," "Videodrome," "Hairspray" "Intimate Stranger" and "Heavy" hold up nicely, though.

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