Friday, February 20, 2015

Gambling With Your Life

Teen neighbor arrested in Las Vegas ‘road-rage killing’ of woman 

Hey, I have sympathy for anyone who loses a loved one. But what kind of idiot reacts to a "road rage" incident that occurred while taking her teen daughter out to learn to drive by GOING HOME and picking up her GUN-TOTING 22-year-old son to help deal with the person you'd had the incident with? Shocker: Introducing a gun into an already inflamed situation will not end well. This Las Vegas mom rolled the dice expecting it might not end well for the kid she was mad at. She was wrong -- the other guy had a gun, too -- and now everyone's paying for it.

Horrified and sympathetic types donated money to the family's GoFundMe campaign -- until they realized Dad left out that crucial part of the story -- and asked for their money back
The fundraising page's original post read, "The suspects followed Tammy and her daughter home and opened fire." The campaign had raised about $6,000. 
I don't understand gun people. This is a perfect example of having a gun to "defend yourself" and it still not working. Can't help but think that if Mom had been the adult here, the only thing that would have gotten hurt was perhaps her ego. Instead, two families are destroyed. When will we learn?


Philip said...

Great post. I've been following the story and have been thinking the same thing you posted. As usual, your commentary is spot on.

Mike in Asheville said...

100% agree.

Anonymous said...

You said it. I keep thinking where was the adult in the situation? Now the father and sister are praising the son as a hero for defending their family. Unfor, this is so 2015.....

Anonymous said...

As someone who has taught conflict literacy to both adults and juveniles, this story is the perfect example of what goes wrong.First, the daughter honks the horn which triggers the other driver's amygdalic flight-or-flight response. (The amygdala is an almond shaped organ--actually there are two--in the brain linked to emotions, particularly fear.) He cuts off the mother which triggers her amygdalic response.
Now everyone is operating emotionally, their frontal cortexes having been closed down for making any rational decisions.

The 20 year old son, who is also an adult, acts rationally by telling the mom to call the cops but she says with or without him she's going after the other person who happens to be their neighbor! So he gets his gun and off they go hunting.

Of course, this is going to end badly. No one is capable of making a thoughtful decision at this point and everyone is reacting emotionally. Then the father piles on. Makes one wonder what's going on inside that family. Now the daughter will live with the thought that if she hadn't honked the horn maybe her mom would still be alive.

This is the definition of tragedy and the family will live with it forever, perhaps even passing it on to their next generations. As William Faulkner noted, the past is always with us. And this will always be with this family.

MJJM said...

Only one REAL reason all you guys are following this particular crime story.