Monday, February 23, 2015

Charity Begins at Home

How much do LGBT organization leaders make?

The Washington Blade's list is somewhat outdated -- Herndon Graddick's been gone from GLAAD for quite some time, but 2013 must be the last year numbers were available for -- but it is an eye-opener. Given the mission statements of some of these organizations, I find a couple of these pretty excessive. That said, I find corporate salaries far more obscene -- and I understand the need for retention of talent -- so what can you do? Full list HERE.


Steve said...

The key word in your statement is "talent." Most CEOs are nothing more than scapegoats when things go wrong. While I'm not if this same mantra applies in the non-profit world, I'd guess that most leaders of a non-profit are about who they know vs. what they bring to the table.

Matthew Rettenmund said...

I agree, the CEOs of for-profits are much more disgustingly overpaid. That said, none of these people should be making 10%+ of the entire take for the year. If the head of GLADD is making $120K, I think that is perfectly legit. Some of the higher salaries, way up the line, seem grotesquely unnecessarily high. Meaning: I'm available!