Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Love Bezar

Just heard from blogging pioneer Bradford Shellhammer, who has been keeping a low profile since leaving the dot-com company he helped start. He's back with a new startup venture, and Fast Company has the scoop:
After a year of soul-searching, Fab cofounder and former creative director Bradford Shellhammer is back in the flash sales game with his forthcoming startup Bezar, an online short-term sales hub for designers who are hand picked by Shellhammer. 
"I'm a firm believer in flash," he told Fast Company. Although he's not calling Bezar a flash sales site, but rather a collection of pop-up shops, "because it's a little different from flash," Shellhammer said. "This is not excess inventory. It might not even have been made yet when we sell it." 
What sets Bezar apart from Fab, Shellhammer says, is partnerships with more established brands, which will use the platform to sell designer collaborations and new collections. 
"There is a big difference in my eyes between that and the pop-up shop model," he added. "Discount is not the driving factor here. It's about newness, exposure." 
Join Bezar HERE.

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