Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Just Fine

It's no secret that Chelsea's Eighth Avenue -- once the epicenter of gay life in New York City -- has been decimated by a lethal combination of corporate greed and changing demographics. While Universal Gear wasn't exactly where I did my clothes shopping, its demise was sort of the final nail in the avenue's coffin, preceded by the closings of Food Bar, Big Cup, 18th and 8th, The Break/View Bar, Rawhide, Nisos and Rainbows and Triangles. Happy to see that it is being replaced by Just Salad rather than the requisite Thai restaurant, Duane Reade, nail salon or Chase Bank. Sure, the name is misnomer, but at least it hearkens back to the days of body-conscious Chelsea boys, whose principal source of calories was vodka and GHB.

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Anonymous said...

I don't live "in the 212."

Can you tell me, does New York City any longer have an epicenter of gay life?