Monday, October 27, 2014

John-John Had Legs, Knew How to Use 'Em

I probably won't be buying Christopher Andersen's new biography about John F. Kennedy Jr. -- "The Good Son: JFK JR. and the Mother He Loved" for the stories. We've all heard about his romances with Sarah Jessica Parker(!), Daryl Hannah, Christina Haag and, finally, Carolyn Bessette. And how Jackie O did not approve of many of them, including Madonna. But if it includes more photos like this wire shot of his taking a break from jogging shirtless in Central Park, I may just need a copy to keep under my pillow. 

Order HERE.


Anonymous said...

I saw him and Carolyn walking in the World Financial Ctr promenade one weekend and came by to touch my friend's dog. You could tell he was definitely rocking a HUGE bulge under his sweat pants. Oh, and he was freaking gorgeous!

Such a shame he's no longer with us.

Anonymous said...

It might be an interesting book, though...with info. we've not heard before. Just being within that scene through a book is always interesting. I suspect most gays disliked him because of his ethnicity, them or hate them...always a lot of juice there.