Wednesday, June 04, 2014

FILM TRAILER: 'Last Will and Embezzlement'

New documentary looks at the horrifying and all-too-common crime of elder abuse.

Via a press release:
Although high-profile cases involving celebrities like Casey Kasem, Mickey Rooney, and Richard Pryor dominate headlines, more than 5 million elderly Americans are the silent victims of elder abuse each year. A feature documentary titled LAST WILL AND EMBEZZLEMENT, produced by Pamela Glasner, presents a thorough examination of the issue of elder financial exploitation. The film features the last interviews with Mickey Rooney, in which he recounts his experience as a victim of financial exploitation. You can watch the film’s trailer here. Producer Pamela Glasner is an articulate expert on elder financial exploitation and has a personal story to tell about how her mother and Alzheimer-suffering father were embezzled out of their life savings. After this incident, Pamela was shocked to discover how many victims are affected by elder financial exploitation each year and created LAST WILL AND EMBEZZLEMENT as a way to educate audiences about the prevalent crime.

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