Friday, January 03, 2014


Way to go, Jenny. I've always said her son didn't speak the first six years of his life because he couldn't get a f**king word in edgewise. Hope you're happy you single-handedly brought back measles, jackass.


Thomas Straley said...

I had Aaron figured out the first time I saw him on the news. (The part about being gay, not the part of him voting against every GLBT issue). I am not a fan of outing people, but when someone who is (I presume) gay and tries to stop any civil rights advancement for the rest of us, I think it should be done.

Mark, née Fuzz said...

Yes, and after all that nonsense about toxins in the vaccine being responsible for her little fucktard, the stupid twat is now a spokesperson for Blu e-cigs. Sexy way to smoke my big, hairy ass!

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