Monday, December 23, 2013

Ronnie Delivers the Spirit of Christmas

Another great time at Ronnie Spector's annual Christmas Party at B.B. King in Times Square. Last night, however, was made even more special by the inclusion of Michael's godmother, Janet, and her son Frank. Ever since I first took Michael to see the lead Ronette some 10 years ago he has been saying how much he would love it if he could Janet there. His aunt was the quintessential '60s girl -- teased beehive, knee-high boots, convertible Cadillac El Dorado and the radio ALWAYS blasting the latest Top 40 hits. He knew she's love seeing Ronnie after all these years, and despite an afternoon fall on her son's front porch and a long haul from Long Island, the night ended up going off without a hitch. Everyone had a great time -- so much so, in fact, that Michael's sister Rosie got teary-eyed at the sight of her brother being so happy. I felt the same way.

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