Friday, December 27, 2013

Spending Boxing Day 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

Hope you had a relaxing day after Christmas. Michael and caught an afternoon showing of "Inside Llewyn Davis" in Chelsea. While I definitely enjoyed it, I was a little perplexed by some of the character development -- or lack thereof. It seemed we were supposed to believe the titular character was a ne'er-do-well, user and a loser, yet I just didn't see much evidence of his being anything worse than a struggling artist with more than his share of bad luck. With the exception of his habitually crashing on friends' couches -- was that sooooo unusual among folks singers looking to make a name for themselves in early '60s Greenwich Village? -- he just didn't seem to be the horrible person some were making him out to be. Making things track even less was his sensitivity to various things and situations that others might take in stride while others around him seemed cold and heartless. (A worthless manager, a bitchy/philandering "friend," an unsupportive sister a former girlfriend with no sense of decency.) Also, John Goodman -- who usually shines in everything he's in -- was given some awfully foolish dialogue. He just sounded like he was acting with a capital A all through his time on-screen, which (in this case) was thankfully very limited. Movies require a leap of imagination and, sadly, I was completely taken out of the moment during his cameo. However, Oscar Isaac, who I believe played Abbie Cornish's abusive hubby in the modern half of "W.E.," was so natural and effortless throughout that it was easy to quickly get lost in the story again once Goodman was gone. (And the man can sing!) Wouldn't say it was Movie of the Year material, but certainly an enjoyable one. And I see a best-supporting Oscar nod for the cat ...

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