Thursday, November 07, 2013

Please Decker

I have to admit, watching just a few minutes of Broncos hottie Eric Decker's E! reality show has almost made me not like him anymore. He's still hot. But the way his wife acts is so nauseating that it makes me lose all respect for him -- not that respect was the major attraction in the first place. (But still.) Michael always gets annoyed with me when I point out double-standards for opposite-sex couples and same-sex couples -- two women kiss in the back of a cab and they're "making a scene" and "flaunting their sexuality," but a male-female couple does the same thing and they're "lovebirds who can't wait to get home" -- because I guess he thinks I'm not giving society enough time to catch up. But I bring this up because even I -- the least prudish person on Planet Earth -- cannot believe the wildly inappropriate things Decker's wife says on national television -- with her younger sister and mother sitting right there. Like when she announced at the dining-room table that Eric had "shot his sperm in her vagina last night." 

Mom: "Oh, and you're not using birth control?"
Wife: "No, and he didn't even pull out like he ususally does. Now I think I might be pregnant."
(Of course she uses that baby voice that makes me want to punch grown women.)

E! isn't exactly considered an adult channel. Should kids -- or even I -- really have to be exposed to this kind of trash? Like I said, I turned it off -- but what a waste.


Larry said...

I just decided to stop reading the sentence after the words "Eric" and "shot his sperm." It was better that way.

Charles McPhate said...

Sounds like another trophy wife situation like the Nick Lachey/Jessica Simpson disaster a decade ago. I gave up on celebrity "reality" after watching a couple of episodes of their show.

dishy said...

He will ditch her…..when he meets me!