Thursday, November 07, 2013

Fish Tales

 "In Bed With Gore Vidal" scribe Tim Teeman has an intriguing new piece in the New York Times about "Blue Is the Warmest Color," whose seven-minute sex scene -- featuring two women slapping each other’s breasts, pulling each other’s hair, scissoring bodies, mounting and dismounting -- is said to be among the most graphic and physically intense depictions of lesbian lovemaking on film. But the scene -- starring two straight women directed by a straight man -- isn't ringing true to many lesbians. Julie Maroh, the French on whose graphic novel of the same name the film was based. is one of them. On her blog in May, she described the scene as “a brutal and surgical display” that turned the lovemaking between two women “into porn.” Not everyone agrees with her, however. And leave it to a gay man to try to get to the bottom of the controversy. Read HERE.

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