Friday, September 13, 2013

'Mister Cee, Eddie Murphy. Eddie Murphy, Mister Cee.'

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A few reasons why you might want to read the article D.J.’s Teary Talk Spotlights Hip-Hop’s Antigay Bias in today's New York Times:
It was early Thursday morning and Mister Cee, a D.J. on the hip-hop station Hot 97 and a crucial figure in New York hip-hop history, was in tears. The day before, an audio clip was released in which he appeared to solicit sex from a transgendered prostitute, the latest in a string of incidents, including arrests, revolving around Mister Cee’s sexual activities. During his Wednesday afternoon show he announced his resignation, saying he no longer wanted to draw negative attention to his workplace and colleagues over his actions.
The interview was a confessional. Mister Cee discussed some of the particulars of his indiscretions with a frankness that has virtually been unheard of in the genre. He wept several times. He spoke about being “in denial.” He said that his Caribbean background made it even more difficult to come to terms with his sexuality. 
Some of his concerns were practical: “Am I still gonna get bookings? Is the promoter still gonna book me if I say, ‘Yeah, occasionally I have fellatio with a transsexual?’”

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