Friday, September 13, 2013

David 'Turned' Darlene Gay

 Well, maybe that's not exactly what Sara Gilbert revealed on the secrets epsisode of "The Talk." But she did say it was while dating her "Roseanne" costar Johnny Galecki that she realized she was gay (she would cry after they made out). She then said she began to date a woman 18 years her senior, but kept it a secret because of fears of losing her career. Interesting that she finally opened up about this. She even says that she got Galecki's approval before doing so. You can be sure she wasn't able to get the woman's approval, widely known to be Go-Go's drummer Gina Schock. Not only was there a creepiness factor -- in 1994, Gilbert was 19 and Schock was 37 -- Schock is such a privacy nut that she had a hissy fit as recently as last year when her decades-ago age-appropriate relationship with Jodie Foster was alluded to online to in Kathy Valentine's Twitter memoir. #GetOverYourselfDude


Bandana Jack said...

i kinda wish it had been the other way round. count me as one of the legion of gay men who had/have the hots for johnny galecki

Unknown said...

"...when her age-appropriate relationship with Jodie Foster was alluded to online in Kathy Valentine's Twitter memoir."

I think you are reaching with that one, is what the memoir says after a paragraph in which Kathy says she met Rob Lowe, who introduced her to Jodie Foster:

"Jodie met the rest of the band and became close with Gina. People ask if they were lovers but to be honest, I really don't know and it never came up. We hung out, went to movies, dinners. When the band broke up, we lost touch. I saw her at Sundance one year and when I had a baby, she sent a gift."

I'm not sure if your intent was to suggest that Kathy Valentine was spilling beans but to me, she wasn't.

Otherwise, interesting blog entry! I always knew Sarah was a lesbian while watching her on Roseanne. I mean, we all did, didn't we?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Unknown: Thanks.

Yes, I know what KVmemoir said. However, it doesn't sound like you know what "allude" means!

Unknown said...

LOL, no I do. I just think people might get the wrong idea about what Valentine actually said or didn't say.

Thanks, K!