Friday, September 06, 2013

'All-American Boy' Steve Grand Wants You to 'Stay'

Steve Grand -- who made as much of a splash with his viral country ditty "All-American Boy" as he did for posing nekkid -- is back with a new song. And if you're wondering who the hot object of his affection is, it's Jayson Smith, former Marine and a bartender at JRs in Washington. A friend tells me Jayson is the "sweetest guy in the world," to which I say: Why wouldn't he be?!


Colin said...

I'm really glad that there is a out gay music artist doing songs that get attention, and his taste is men is great - but the music is a bit down home and hokey for me.

rob clemenz @ said...

Keep on "flaunting" Steve - we WANT you to flaunt it hard, hard, hard.

Chad said...

Cute song and video. Guess I should start hanging out at JRs again... ;)