Friday, August 16, 2013

The F (Off) Train

Well, it's only my third recent attempt at this -- I had done a few in the early days of KIT212, but mostly from behind -- but I'm pretty sure I was caught today, which means it will likely be my last. I was told by the master (Boy Culture's Matt) that no one would confront me if I'm "any good at it," but I noticed this guy pantomiming for his friends someone snapping cellphone photos, which was an obvious reference to me. (Oops.) If he had actually confronted me, however, I already had my response lined up: It's not my fault you're so hot I had to take your picture!!!


Matthew Rettenmund said...

You're in way over your head, kid.

Stay tuned for my blog's new feature, MORNING WOULD.

Anonymous said...

kenneth, why not ask for permission to take the pic? wouldn't that be less creepy?

you might even strike up a conversation and meet new, interesting people at the same time, just a thought.

Jim Hopkins said...

Here's what I always do:

"Hi, I was just about to hand you my card."

[Patting pockets, then looking chagrined.] "Guess I just gave out my last one."

[Big smile] "Just call Ford Models, and say Jim referred you!"

Dwight Supremacy said...

I always say I'm going to stop when I think I've been busted by a stalkee. But my addiction to taking creeper shots outweighs any guilt/embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

..don't know if this works, or is even relevant:

Michael said...

i suggest using the volume up (+) button on the phone. it looks less likely that you're taking a pic, and more like you're adjusting the volume. also always have the phone on mute.

von said...

Not that I do this or condone this BUT... you need a timer app. Set your timer, take ur finger off of the damn phone, look away.... done.


dishy said...

make sure the flash and volume are OFF and pretend you are playing that Candy Crush and just snap away!

Unknown said...

ok @anonymous at 3:07, did u see tht bit about being hit by the other STUD. second, you don't make it to NY often, do you? tht behavior is no bueno...cuz it reeks of start of a pick-up line. who better to sense a pic-up but str8s who are doing it daily...while nice sentiments, not very practical.
also the youtube has a lot of guys who make wonderful vidz like this...maybe get some tips from them... :)

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