Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Song of the Day: 'Did You See Me Coming?' by Pet Shop Boys

The Pet Shop Boys haven't had a hit single in 100 years. But if they were ever going to sneak back into the charts, this was the song that should have done it. Heard it in a restaurant yesteday and could have sworn it was a No. 1 from all those years ago. (More than 2 million plays on YouTube has to count for something, no?)


Todd said...

Hey it was #21 in the UK! Great song from a great album. It looks like they'll be back on form for this next album coming out 7/15. Can't wait.

Yank said...

Such a romantic tune, I've always thought.

Anonymous said...

"Yes" is so good. So inspiring these guys are still hitting it after all these years. According to them, Johnny Marr channeling the Pretenders at the beginning of this one.