Tuesday, July 23, 2013

RIP: Faye Hunter, Bassist of Let's Active, Is Dead at 59

Very sad to read that Faye Hunter, the founding bassist of Let's Active -- whose jangle-pop single "Every Word Means No" was a staple on early MTV -- has died of an apparent suicide. (Spin has details HERE.) I will cherish my memory of seeing the band live at the Mason Jar in Phoenix back on Dec. 5, 1984, which you can read about HERE. RIP, Faye. Your hair was the funnest!

Faye shares vocal duties in this classic from "Afoot."

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bcarter3 said...

Oh, fuck.

First Scott Miller, now Faye Hunter.

The Let's Active-Game Theory-dBs-Three O'Clock-REM-Connells crowd pretty much defined my favorite music of the 80s. Sad to see it dying. Especially sad to see it killing itself.

(On a happier note, both the dBS and Grapes of Wrath release sparkling new albums this year, after a ~20 absence.)