Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Here's Madonna

No legs to stand on

When it comes to her homage to Marlene at the "MDNA" premiere tonight at the Paris Theatre, Madonna came up a tad short. It was more like:

In fairness, though, I should note that it could have been much worse: Madge could have pulled a "Stone Pillow."


Daniel Paul said...

Madge will never be a well loved or talented as Lucille Ball was. Here's Lucy is one of my all time favorite shows!

Anonymous said...

Here's Madonna re-hashing something she did in '87. She did that damn "Like a Wirgin" on the "Who's That Girl?" tour. I STILL want my money back. And -- yes-- all $20 of it.

scotsyank said...

The side view of her face on Boy Culture is shocking. She's gone far too far. In ordinary photos, she could be 50, (not a second less) or she could be 72.

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