Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Drag Queen Heidi Glum Attacked Over Fab Footwear

My friend Scooter writes on his Facebook wall:
My dear friend and baby sister Miles DeNiro was brutally attacked while people stood around and watched... Miles is very small framed guy ... The attack should have never happened.. the video made me sick to watch... no one broke up the fight. I hate fighting and won't stand for it in my presence.
Queerty reports that Miles -- aka drag performer Heidi Glüm -- sustained multiple injuries during a violent and bloody attack on June 22 at a popular pizzeria in Washington.

A crime of fashion?

Heidi described the events like this:
““[It was] really petty drunk girl nonsense that escalated into insanity. The Latino girl was touching my face telling me I needed to blend my makeup while her African-American friend was trying to bully me for wearing Christian Louboutin heels.” 
The victim said he has ”three large bumps and a huge gash” on his head, as well as several cuts on his arms. He also noted that he’s suffered hair loss, which continues “to come out in clumps when I touch it.”

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