Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Song of the Day: 'Without You' by Fleetwood Mac

Great interview with Lindsey Buckingham in the new Rolling Stone. (Click to enlarge.) In it, he talks about picking the tour's set list -- "['Second Hand News'] is the opening track from Rumours, and it was an obvious choice for the tour opener" -- how he still has no idea why Christine McVie skipped town and "burned all her bridges in L.A.," and the mag reviews the band's new EP, its first new music in 10 years:
The gem is "WIthout You," a breezy Nicks-written folk rocker from the couple's pre-Mac project Buckingham Nicks. Largely acoustic, with twined harmonies, its chords twist and resolve like a sun-dappled mobile on a breezy day. And we confess: Hearing the ex-lovers put words in each other's mouths remains as fascinating as ever.
Download HERE.

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Blobby said...

I have my review of this written for weeks now and just can't hit 'publish'. Cat Stevens should sue for plagiarism. Nicks seemingly has written anything new in 25 years and has been pulling back archived songs from 3+ decades ago. My assertion is: if it wasn't good enough to record then.......